Pick your flavour

It's hard to believe the number of flavour combinations and decorations possible for the humble cupcake. Here are a few of my tried and tested favourites. I'm always working on more and, of course, if you've got any other suggestions or requests, I'd be more than happy to try these out for you.

Contact me for vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free versions of flavours.


A classic light and fluffy sponge made with Fairtrade madagascan vanilla and fresh free-range eggs topped with vanilla buttercream


A must for all chocoholics! Made with organic Fairtrade cocoa and topped with chocolate buttercream: Rocky Road, Choc Orange, Choc Cherry, Oreo cookie, 'After Eight', Chocolate Honeycomb and Sticky Peanut Butter flavours also available

Why not try our cupcakes with a twist: Black Bottomed rich chocolate cupcake with cheescake baked into the sponge, topped with cream cheese frosting?

Carrot cake

A grown-up indulgence. Choose from a moist carrot and walnut cake topped with delicious cream cheese frosting or fruity carrot and pecan cake with an orange buttercream frosting

Red Velvet The cult classic red chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting


A subtle and girlie cake with a hint of lavender running though the sponge and frosting

Bakewell Tart A beautifully moist almond sponge with a raspberry jam filling, topped with a light almond buttercream and glacé cherry


A classic coffee cake with either buttercream for a 'cappuccino' or chocolate frosting for a 'mocha' cupcake


A light, moist cupcake with a hint of rose through the sponge and rosting, topped with a beautiful crystalised rose petal


A sticky gingerbread, based on Nanna Gore's secret recipe, and topped with either zingy ginger or lime & coconut frosting

Strawberry Cheesecake

Layers of biscuit, delicious vanilla sponge and fresh strawberry filling, topped with cream cheese frosting, fresh strawberry and biscuit crumbs.


Moist sponge in orange, lemon or lime, filled with curd and topped with zingy frosting

Salted Caramel

Lovley moist sponge with salted caramel filling and a hint of caramel in the topping

Raspberry & White Chocolate

Light sponge cake containing real fruit pieces, covered in white chocolate frosting and topped with a whole fruit.

Millionaire's Shortbread

Delicious biscuit base, topped with chocolate cake and gooey caramel filling, topped with a caramel buttercream and biscuit crumbs.

Peanut and salted caramel

Light and fluffy peanut sponge, topped with peanut butter frosting and a drizzle of salted caramel

Boozy Cupcakes (minimum order quantity 12)

  • Raspberry & Prosecco

  • Strawberry Daiquiri

  • Mojito

  • Cosmopolitan

  • Pina Colada

  • Gin & Tonic with a twist of lime

  • Southern Comfort & Lemonade

  • Baileys

  • Chocolate & Real Ale

Or ask for your favourite cocktail flavour and we'll see what we can do!

Each of our cupcakes is created especially for you. I can personalise your cupcakes if you want us to and even create themed cakes for that perfect party. Contact me for details and I'll find the perfect cupcake for you!

If you have a special dietary requirement, please let me know and I'll try to tailor a cupcake to suit.